President Obama just mentioned 'Natural Gas' in the post-election press conference when talking about solutions to energy challenges. Bring it on!

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I wish that when he had said that, the price would have shot through that rockin' $4-point-0 ceiling we've had recently. Shows that when Obama backs something (especially in a "we are a bunch of losers speech"), the world goes... "hmm. well, OK, onto some happier thoughts."

AND, if China was to say "Come get Natural gas... $2 dollar Fifty." We would see Bonuses go bye-bye, and royalties deplete. And the Government would be so for it.

That said, my daughter wants to go abroad for school... I said, "Go to China" and also said "Learn Chinese as a foreign language in school." Everybody thinks I am being asinine for saying that. I wish I knew how to speak Chinese. Good jobs now translating between the businesses here who are exporting labor to China. I am just saying.
When a socialist talks about natural gas he is talking about the nationalization of the ownership of it.
Hopefully that's less possible today than it was November 1st.
honestly i wouldn't be worried about the nationalization of mineral rights. if it had been possible they would have already tried. it certainly won't happen now.
I have heard congresswoman Waters discuss socialization/nationalization of big oil. If they could pull that off I don't think they would have any problem taking your minerals for the greater good.
my opinion about mrs. waters and the thinly veiled desires of the democratic establishment is best kept to the political forum, but i would be more than happy to discuss it there.
Wasn;t that mentioned before the '08 election? To distribute the minerals, natural resources and land of the affluent? I thought I saw that as one of the Change goals. Did anyone see that material? Several things were there and seems that was # 1 on list.
MARG, I don't recall them being that specific about what they planned to re-distribute, but, it wouldn't surprise me. Re-distribution of wealth would cover everything though, IMO.
Does anyone know what it cost to convert a gasoline powered vehicle to compressed natural gas? It seems that it would be much more economical than designing and building electric vehicles, which seems to be the main focus of car manufacturers. The gas companies and auto manufactures working together could solve the the problem of distribution networks of gas and release dates of vehicles. The country could be, I'm guessing, over 50% natural gas powered within 5-6 years.
actual cost is around 800-1200 bucks.

cost after you're done paying for epa regs, licensing fees, etc, 10-15 times that.
Thanks essay! Without major changes in EPA regs it would be out of the question on existing vehicles then. Manufacturers however should be able to do this much cheaper than current electric car prices. $41,000 for a Chevy Volt!
Kind of causes a tingle up your leg... doesn't it


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