I would like to know what is the minimum size of land needed to drill and farce a horizontal well?

Thanks for your help.

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There is no definitive answer to your question.  New pads built to accommodate horizontal wells could be 2.5 acres to 8 or 12 or more, it just depends on how many wells are planned to be drilled from that location.  I have been on pads with a dozen wellheads and room for more.  What is "minimum" for two wells is quite different from what is "minimum" for 12.  The trend is to put as many wells as possible on a single surface location dependent on the size of the drilling and production unit and the linear length of the horizontal laterals to be drilled.

Hello Skip,


I wanted to know how much land do they need while fracking a well.  There is a lot of equipment during that time frame.

Hi, TT.  Yes, the bigger the better.  It takes a lot of equipment to frac the average horizontal well.  If it was my surface that was to be taken for a multi-well pad I wouldn't mind allowing a larger footprint for completion ops with a requirement to decrease the permanent pad size to a minimum once all the wells were turned to sales.  I would also like a say in where the access road goes and the rights-of-way for any pipelines.  I would not want a compressor station on my property but I would be fine with selling enough acres to accommodate one as long as it is far from my house.

Thanks Skip


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