Just a note on the discussion about Shale Under the Haynesville, CGG Veritas is starting to conduct a new lease of Seismic with the smackover as the target. I was told this time it is for all the oil under the Haynesville. This will be the 5th time someone that knows the play has mentionedit and this now confirms, something is there. Belive it or not but just was contacted by Veritas last week, along with Neighbor, We havbe active Hayensville wells on our preoperty and we Seismic tesed last summer. , Any other stories mare welcome.

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can we please stop starting these threads? google the "oil gas window?
What parish are you in?
The most wonderful parish in the great state of Louisiana.......Desoto
Shale Yeah, are you in north or south part of Desoto
Property nwest of Mansfield was contacted
How far north & west? Can you be a little more specific?

Lets beat this ole dog some more. Seismic doesn't mean oil.

Don't get me wrong, I hope someone finds billions of barrels of oil somewhere. But this doesn't make me feel a whole lot better about where it is.

I know Penn Virginia has mentioned drilling some horizontal SMK wells in that area but they made it sound like it was for the gas and not oil but who knows. They just mentioned that the SMK should be similar to the Bossier shale from core samples they have and they want to drill a couple of horizontal wells into the formation this year.

My question is to anyone who cares to comment - Back in the mid 1960s there was an oil boom in Sabine Parish - what was it that spurred the boom - did they do seismic back then? I do know for a fact that gas caused many wells to be plugged and abandoned. So, if oil was thought to be in Sabine Parish back then, is it a possiblity with new technology that this could be a field of interest again in the future? Mike, if you are still out there I would like your career based opinion.

That was shallow oil and really has nothing to do with what is going on now, it is highly unlikely there is any oil or even condensate under the Haynesville shale, the Smackover is hotter and deeper.

XTO is extracting condensate from under the haynesville well after well from the gray sand formation in the Cotton Valley field at depths over 11,000 feet, giving to the possibilty that wet gas exists as production extends toward the basin. The drill bit will have the final say,IMHO.

I see nothing in the public record that would support the rumor of oil under the Haynesville Shale.  Most seismic shoots are proprietary and are the property of one or a small number of clients.  Where multiple operators are involved in development, there will often be more than one shoot covering the same area.  For all the time that this rumor has been going around, there has been no well posted to GHS as proof of a Smackover test south of I-20.  All the wells that I have reviewed that penetrated the Smackover did so to a depth of 100' or less.  IMO, that's not testing the SMK, it's ensuring that the drill bit has fully penetrated the Haynesville.  A SMK test would penetrate the full extent of the formation.  I would urge anyone who knows of a well that they believe to be a SMK well below I-20 to post it for discussion.


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