all got paid 22,500.00\ per acre. on satinwood just off kimberly. Had been pending for a couple of months

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Sounds like Chesapeake is paying on some of their drafts. Maybe the sky isn't falling just yet.......congrats.
Once again, all the huffing and puffing was for naught.
Contrare' Intrepid,
I am of the belief that much huffing and puffing actually got some of these people paid. At least a lot sooner and for the amounts that they originally signed for. IMO
alleyboy wouldn't be pulling our leg would he?
I got paid by JPD/CHK $22,500 per acre I live off Kimberly couple of streets down from Satinwood
My draft expired but I got paid by check 3 days later. That was 2 weeks ago
I Had to do the Mortgage "Non Disturbance" forms
My check included an extra $20 to pay for the Bank fee for the expired draft

Our Group was the one on the News Last month
Still waiting on a 11K per acre check from Chesapeake. Is supposed to be paid in January. We'll see.
It sounds to me that they are going to pay all the drafts, but are behind in their title checks.


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