This is a link to a letter from Cabot to the DEP (Pennsylvania) excoriating the ridiculous accusations of citizens looking for a payday from Cabot. It contains references to Cabot having over 30 sworn affidavits from the residents of the area in question as they stated their water contained methane decades prior to any drilling in the area, independent geological evidence of methane in shallow formations in the area due to fault initiated gas migration, and numerous other outright lies and distortion from the citizens looking for a payday and the liberal environmentalist nut jobs at the DEP. 

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So... where's the link?
Thanks. Here is a link to Cabot Oil & Gas web page which has links to all the documents cited in the letter.
It's a shame a governmental office would stoop to such levels.
My opion of government is lower than yours Checkmateking. I am not supprised at all. Have a great day and remember November VOTE the bums out!
I am sure we hold the gubment in equal disdain Terry. Sad to say I am not surprised either, and I can't wait for November.
Many thanks for this link. Cabot's page is excellent. It's what I was hoping to find when I went to the NG association website about Gasland. Cabot's page is written in clear, easy to comprehend language. It's not "PR Speak", it's just clearly written and highlights the important issues.

I was really dismayed when I saw the industry's page on Gasland. I used to be a lobbyist for the ARC (association for retarded citizens) and I understand how legislators read information. You have to make a clear infomercial with punch and easy to understand info. It's our job to make complex issues understandable to the average person/official.
You couldn't be more right logger, it's a clear message with pertinent information laid out in laymen's terms. All you will get from the radical anti-gas activists are wild distortions and outright propaganda.
Cabot's best point pertains to new water wells it has drilled in the area using modern methods. All the older contaminated wells are open hole completions, Cabot has drilled several cased hole water wells isolating the pertinent freshwater formations using modern methods. These wells are completely safe and produce excellent fresh water. The anti-gas NAZI's will get reamed in a court of law.
Don't count on any punishment for their lies and other sins. Unfortunately, so-called environmentalists aren't held accountable for lying these days.
You've got the "so-called" part right if you are talking about the Gasland filmmaker. Have you seen that character? No honest environmentalist would want to have anything to do with him.
Look at Algore, he is one of the biggest con artists of the century. Many people take him seriously.

Looks like Cabot is exposed, and will be held accountable. Small price will be paid, compared to the coming reckoning planned for the industry. Change is coming, stand by.


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