Does anyone know the status of this well? In October 2008 a Petrohawk press release said they would reloease results by the end of 2008 - but no news.

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Thanks - Petrohawk has been very secretive about the Lane well and nearby Bower well - there is a common entrance off US 59 - with a gate guard.
Neither went horizontal as permitted. Both had tremendous drilling probs. "Very disappointed in the logs", "not going to benefit anyone (other operators) in the area" are some of the comments made by working interest owners. One person in the know went so far as to say the wells have condemned a great deal of acreage in the area for the HS play. Petrohawk has no further drilling plans for this area and is going to stick to the Louisiana side of the play.

Further west two other verticle wells have recently been drilled through the shale. Shale not present or too thin so the maps that have been published (Haynesville Shale Playbook and other publicly traded companies presentation maps) showing NW Shelby County as "not within" the HS boundries are thus far holding up.
No press release. Just first hand info as far as the specific well info.
Mark, is your info on all four wells first-hand? I don't dispute what you have said but it is not good news for me. I am asking, in part, because I heard good things about one of the two vertical wells in western Shelby County, the Mitchell trust #1 (NFR).
Thanks - not the news I wanted to hear - but thanks for the info
Believe me I know the feeling! I've seen and heard over the last several months lots of companies touting that they have the HS, or Texas equivalent, under their acreage. As more wells get drilled it is becoming apparent that this is not the case.
Mark, do you have any idea of what type of drilling problems and where is this well in relation to the San Augustine Co. line?
Wondering if this well is in the Sullins, J survey located 2.5 miles NW of Tenaha?
One is in the Sullins Survey the other is in Survey south and adjacent to Sullins Survey.
See above.
Locations are in northern Shelby County very close to Panola County line.
Devon has some very good wells in southwest Shelby county.


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