Does anyone know the status of this well? In October 2008 a Petrohawk press release said they would reloease results by the end of 2008 - but no news.

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Mark, are the results below consistent with your information?

Shelby County

NFR Energy completed the Mitchell Trust GU Well No. 1A to 11,550 feet seven miles northwest of Timpson in the North Carthage Field. Gauged on a 20/64-inch choke, the well potentialed 2.123 million cubic feet of gas in the Bossier Shale formation.
Perhaps it is in bad taste to respond to my own post. If so, I apologize. My question for you experts is whether or not this information regarding the Mitchell Trust well indicates that the standard blob maps may need to be modified to include NW Shelby County.
Shelbyco, I would say definitely yes the blob maps should be revised.

No, it is not in bad taste unless you argue with yourself.
Any updates on NW Shelby in Timpson-Tenaha areas-still seems to be shown out of Bossier/Haynesville trend
No HS present in the Lane well. Something geological happening in the area. In addition the other zones (CV, TP + shallower) the might/could have been of interest are very very poor by log and by testing and production. That (HS not present) is not from any website or presentation data...that comes straight from Petrohawk's top guys mouths and I've very briefly seen the log. What I saw of the log looks like the Bossier is ruled out as well. Based on feedback from the other big HS players they all have the same thought (not interested) about the NW portion of Shelby County but that's nothing new...its been said on this site and seen in presentation data that there is a prevailing opinion that this portion of Shelby County is not in the play and the well results are confirming that opinion.
Can anyone explain how the info below is consistent with Mark's comments? Not challenging just trying to understand.

Shelby County

NFR Energy completed the Mitchell Trust GU Well No. 1A to 11,550 feet seven miles northwest of Timpson in the North Carthage Field. Gauged on a 20/64-inch choke, the well potentialed 2.123 million cubic feet of gas in the Bossier Shale formation.
Looking at the RRC files, they show the Mitchell 1A perforated from 11,324-11482 which would put it in the Cotton Valley Lime. Also, an IP of 2.123 MMCF per day is pretty darn good for a vertical Bossier well in Texas. I am not sure why they would be in the N Carthage Bossier Field if they were producing out of the Cotton Valley Lime.
I think the remarks at the bottom of page 3 may hold your answer:

Formations Depth Formations Depths
Travis Peak 7100 Cotton Valley Lime 11,263
CV Sand 9423
Bossier 10,317

REMARKS: Please (keep) permit open for DHC (Down Hole Comingling) application
coprolite and jffree thank you for your research and comments.
Despite your assistance, I am still a little in the dark. I do not have the background to appreciate the significance of the DHC remark. Any help would be appreciated. Also, is production out of the Cotton Valley Lime in that area viewed as a negative thing? I have some interests very close to this well and am trying to get a handle on whether this well is good for me, bad for me, or somewhere in-between.
shelbyco, It just means that they are producing two (or more) zones at the same time. For proration purposes the well has to be assigned to one zone. In this case the well is being reported in the Carthage, North (Bossier Shale) field even though some of the gas is coming from the CV Lime. Here is part of a discussion from an application to Statewide Rule 10 (3.10) on another well. I could not find the application on the Mitchell Trust #1:

Downhole commingling will provide for the recovery of reserves that would otherwise not be recovered. Commingling will optimize the recovery from each zone and save on operating costs.
All zones will share in reaching an individual lower economic limit as one rather than a higher economic limit per zone.

I hope this helps your understanding. If you would like to read more on the Oil & Gas Rules look under the Information tab at the top of the page and click on ShaleBrary. You have to register to use these files but once you do that click on the file folder that says "Leases, Clauses, Legal". Inside there is a folder titled TAC 16.
Thanks for that info, Mark. Keep us updated.
Sorry ShelbyCo, I am not a geologist, and I haven't heard anything concrete about that area. I do recall that well, and it seems decent in terms of IP.
I am familiar with some of the leashing activity up in that area, I believe that NFR is partnered with a company called Cornerstone. Additionally, there is a public company Delta, which claims to have purchased working interest in that area. I don't have any information other that that but you can go to Delta's website and download the presentation from earlier this summer. I should also note that Delta is not known for making great decisions, and it is one of my least favorite companies in the sector.

I am just grateful to Mark for some decent info, as I always hear rumors and poor information when I have asked around.


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