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I think the middle bossier is the "wild card" in EUR per unit on the Texas side. This could make a huge difference in places like San Augustine and Nacogdoches. The recovery numbers that Petrohawk used did not include any estimates for the mid-bossier. Thoughts?
I'm new at this. What abbreviation does EUR stand for?
Estimated Ultimate Recoverable, only a fraction of the total GIP (Gas In Place) is recoverable utilizing current technology. The EUR in the Haynesville formation is approximately 30% of GIP.
Thanks Skip,
I'm over in Texas in Shelby County. From what I've been told, I'm pretty much in the middle of the action but nothing happening for me as of now. Hopefully, something will in the near future. I'm not too far from the Shelby, San Augustine, Sabine County tri-county line.
I asked the question too soon. Just found the answer to what EUR means.
I'm not following what I tell my 1st graders to do.....lol
Jay, I would say that may true where there is good well coverage but some areas may still lack sufficient well data to define the contours. For example, a well that tested at 28 MMcfd in RRP falls outside their 4 Bcf contour.
I'm hoping that is the case. We are outside of that 4 Bcf contour, but there is not enough well data on the NE side of the play. I'm also wondering if Petrohawk will dump some more acreage in the near future. I guess I'm still on the edge!
It is hard to determine what township or range is in the prefered area. Is township 18N , 10W just outside of the upper blue line in this map? Thanks in advance for any info.....
Dena, count down 5 small squares from the capital D in Do not plan to drill and then left 5 squares. This is Dixie Inn just at the top of the blue representing Dorcheat Bayou/Lake Bistineau. Dixie Inn is Section 31 of Township 19N - 9W. Township 18N - 10W is immediately to the southeast. Part of the township is in the white and part in the light beige. Yes,the southern most part of the township is just outside the purple line.
Thanks Skip for the direction on the map! I was not sure if I had it right .
I am in the bottom of that township, section 33,so I am in the beige area. Does that leave us out or is that a maybe? Thanks in advance for any info.
I have no way of knowing how accurate Petrohawk's map may be but I suspect that it is the most accurate we have seen to date. IMO, much of the area shaded in beige has producible shale but is not sufficiently productive to be economic at this time. With so much core left to drill and depressed prices it could be some years before the outer tiers are developed. At least your land is not inside one of the dotted line areas labeled Do not plan to drill.
Thanks again for the info... Yes, that is not a definte NO, but maybe is better....


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