Anybody else been contacted concerning ROW through A-43?  I'm getting some seemingly low-ball offers from the ROW agent for a 20" pipeline that's gonna run right through the middle of my property and destroy a whole lotta trees. What says y'all?

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What is the offer?

The old rule of thumb was $100 per every sixteen feet (rod).

I think that's doubled and even tripled in the hot zones. And 20 inches is big pipe=lotta capacity. 

I'm thinking $500/rod is about right for that size pipe.

Additional questions: What is the requested width of the ROW?, how much is temporary and how much is permanent?, how many rods (16.5 feet) in length will the ROW be on your property?, are there alternative routes available for them to take?

Your damages will be timber damages plus $/rod.

Make them pay for the standing timber. Then they own it and it's in THEIR way. A little assistance from your local forester for a fee might be in order if it's a lot of timber.

Quite often they will pay you for the standing timber and let you harvest it and sell it if you can do it promptly.

50' permanent ROW 25' temporary ROW with a 100'×150' area by the road.

I hate to sound dumb, but what is A-43

A-43 is a Survey Abstract number.  Without a county or the survey name to go with it though it would be time consuming to figure out which survey A-43.

Thank you, Skip!

You're welcome, SL.  Maybe Mister Sunday will provide us with a survey name and county.  A location by roads or municipality would be helpful also.

Yes...and did he ever say what his offer was?  I didn't see it in the thread.  I'm waiting for my offer any day now..

My apologies, folks. I thought I had posted this in the San Augustine Group.


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