The correct abbreviation for the Haynesville is HA, not HS.

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or you could just adapt.
not gonna happen. there are more of us regular joes than you industry guys here. Be patient with us, we are learning.

Sorry, the wording of your post made me do it. Hope you find the tweak in good humor.

Baron, sorry - I am in the habit of using HS, BS, FS, MS, WS, EFS & now CS.
Les B:

C = Chattanooga (Black)?!
Dion, C = "Cana".
It's not the "HS" in the gas business that bothers me, it's the "BS."
Maybe its HA (as in Ha, Ha) if you have a good Haynesville Well and HS if you have a dry hole/no well at all!!
You got it Daddy T. Most of us call it HS as in hisssssssssssssss. You lucky guys can HA HA all the way to the bank!!!
Line from an old song from the 40's or 50's :

" . . . you say tomato (long 'a', here), I say tomahto, so let's call the whole thing off . . . "

I just say "mater" and be done with it.
lol Okay, I'll try to do better myself. I'll think of it as like talking to a doctor, if I tell the doctor I've got a pain in my back, s/he's got to know exactly WHERE I'm having pain to help me get some relief. Not to mention pain in some regions could signal serious trouble. But a pain in the neck is not a pain in the back, and I may just have to cope with a pain in the posterior region. ha, ha

Dion - Those Geiko/Gecko commercials crack me up!



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