I received this today,Unit designated HA RA SU TT.I was wanting to know about how long after you receive this before they start drilling? S28 T15N R16W.Also can someone answer this for me?If you are leased and your lease is due to expire in July this year,if you are pooled and they have not drilled when your lease expires,can you release for more money?

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CHK permitted wells in 15/16, Sections 14 and 25 yesterday. It is probable that if your lease expires in July, this year, there are many acres that expire in your section about the same time. Hence, you can almost certainly expect a well to be spud sometime before July in your section. If not, you can lease again, but I predict that won't happen.
Thank you for your reply.I was afraid of that,thought that would be the case.Ours is with CHK.They just got thro building a long wide road on the property almost in front of us.Thanks again
I have a signed lease,I was not forced pooled.Yes we have mineral rights.I'm not sure where the well will be drilled,but I am in section 28(the 640 acre section).Thank you for your reply
Wanda, I just can't imagine why you'd be afraid they'd drill a well in your section before the lease expires. It is the reason you leased in the first place, or should be. It is the target, the goal, the pot at the end of the rainbow! I just can't figure some of this stuff out.
I'm guessing that's CHK territory. If so....no vertical.
We leased back before all this hayesville play was known about(250 an acre)we were hoping to release for more.Oh well ,all is still ok I guess,it will have to be won't it. We have a no surface damage clause in our lease,because we just have 10 acres and we have two water wells on it,plus we didn't want all the mess and damage that they can do.I hope our pot at the end of the rainbow is good.Its just hard to watch all the trees and land being damaged.This property has been in my family for many years,and I guess I'm just old fashion about some things. Good luck to all.
Wanda, with your surface damage clause, it won't be damaged on your property. The Haynesville is much more user friendly than the Cotton valley. One 8 1/2 acre mega pad per 640 acre section and only one road going to it, destroys a heck of a lot less trees and is a heck of a lot more aesthetic than a Cotton Valley pad on every 20 acres, which could mean as many as 32 pads and cooresponding road infrastructure per 640 acre section. It is not even a close race. The Haynesville pads of the serious players in the field are going to be in either the NE, NW, SE or SW corners of the sections meaning the pad might not even be close to you. For every person that got $20,000 an acre for a lease, there are probably 10 or more that got $250 or $350 per acre, before the play was announced. I'm one on the ones that got $250 per acre for my main tract and I'm not interested in leasing again and having to wait another 3 or 4 years for one of those jet airplane sounding wells in my section. I found out yesterday that my section is scheduled for a June, 2009 spud date and I'm as happy as I can be. Wish you well, Wanda! The potential revenues from 10 acres will be meaningful to you.
Hey KB, How long is a well permit valid for?
Bacon, I thought 6 months but I will let KB weigh in on it.
Thanks for all of the information ya'll have gave me.They have a permit now and have been doing a lot of something,I can't get in to see whats going on,they have a posted sign up and they keep the gate locked.They have been hauling in a lot of water.Anyone have any information about this? S28 T15N R16W


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