President Obama, Gore to Step Up Calls for Lawmakers to Pass Climate Bill (6/22/09)


By Kim Chipman

June 22 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama and Al Gore are ramping up calls for Congress to pass climate legislation as House Democrats say they may vote on a bill to cut greenhouse gases as early as this week.

Obama’s Cabinet members will begin traveling across the nation tomorrow as part of an effort to raise public awareness and rally support for his plan to tackle climate change and remake the U.S. energy economy, according to White House spokesman Ben LaBolt.

The push will be similar to Obama’s successful effort earlier this year to pass the $787 billion economic recovery act, LaBolt said.

Obama may discuss “energy independence” and legislation going through Congress at a news conference tomorrow in the White House Rose Garden, press secretary Robert Gibbs said today.

In addition, former Vice President Al Gore tomorrow will unveil the “next steps” of his campaign for legislation that he says is urgently needed to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures and sea levels.

“We have to go to the grassroots,” Gore told supporters in an e-mail today. “We have to continue building support in communities throughout this great nation.”

Gore, a former Democratic presidential nominee, said he will hold a conference call tomorrow at 8 p.m., Washington time, to discuss plans to build on momentum among activists and take advantage of “an opportunity unlike anything we’ve seen yet.”

Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection undertook a $300 million advertising campaign last year to promote the idea of the U.S. completely converting to electricity production from solar, wind and other zero-carbon-emissions sources.

Pelosi, Waxman

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, both California Democrats, have said they want to pass climate legislation before lawmakers leave Washington at the end of this week for the July 4 recess.

Legislation by Waxman and Massachusetts Democratic Representative Edward Markey that the energy panel passed last month would create a market system for trading U.S. pollution permits as a way to control greenhouse-gas emissions. A United Nations panel of scientists has said such emissions likely contribute to climate change.

Lawmakers who oppose the measure, including House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio, say it will amount to a tax increase that hits Americans in coal-reliant states such as Indiana the hardest.

The proposed law would cost $22 billion a year by 2020, or $175 for every household, according to figures released by the Congressional Budget Office last week.

Soften the Cost

The legislation seeks to soften the cost to consumers by giving some industries free pollution permits, also called allowances, and selling others at auction to raise money for tax relief, according to CBO.

Without those measures, the price tag would be $110 billion a year, or $890 per household, the budget office said in an analysis prepared for Representative Dave Camp, a Michigan lawmaker who leads the Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Wonder how much money George Soros, the "Sugar-Daddy" behind ACRON and MoveOn-dot-org is spending on this. He "shorted" the English pound in 1992 with $8 billion in play, drove its value down, hurt their economy and made a $1.1 billion profit. He did not do this all on his own, but was a major player in this debacle.

Some say he was involved in the Asian financial crisis in 1987-1988.

Who knows if he isn't "Shorting" the American dollar.

Just Google "George Soros" to see what kind of a fellow he is.
I thought all you free-market, limited government people would applaud Soros for risking his money (not government's) in shorting the pound. Are you proposing to re-regulate financial markets to prevent capitalists from buying, selling, shorting and/or acquiring other free-market derivative financial instruments? In a free-market capitalist system, he should be free to short or go long the dollar or pound or euro or rubee so long as he complies with the securities exchange rules for margin, etc., where he executes the transaction.

What is your position on this? Mitt Romney can short the pound, but Soros can't? Neither can? Government should prohibit buying and selling currency (sort of hard on trade transactions)?

I assume Soros reported and paid his taxes!
WRF: Nothing about ACORN or MO.ORG are "free market". There are a buy a vote organization. I am all for shorting/buying long, free-market fundamentals. Nothing your President and his court have done to date are free market. Otherwise I wouldn't be trading in the market to protect my "grandchildren's" inheritance and I would be taking care of my self. I am OK, but under current policy, the next generations of free market AMERICANS don't stand a chance.

Good luck with your "gradle to grave" mentality & I hope your grandchildren thank you in advance.

Todd M. Baker
Mr. Baker,

I am glad you are for free markets, as I am. I didn't identify who my President is, nor did I defend or criticize the current or former administration. Nor did I mention the next generations of free market Americans, nor did I criticize or advocate a "gradle (sp?) to grave" mentality. My grandchildren are fine, thank you, and going to be, I hope, great entrepreneurs when they become adults.

I suggest you read my post again instead of catogorizing me into some political box to suit your preconceived notions.

Mr. Pipeliner, seemed to question Mr. Soros right to invest his money in the free market by shorting the pound. Is this bad? Shouldn't you be able to short the pound as you invest for your grandchildren?

Mr. Pipeliner then made a vague allusion to Mr. Soros ("some say") being "involved" in the Asian financial crisis. What does this mean? Was he a free market investor? Did he short the yen? What is the significance of this reference.

"Who knows, he may be shorting the dollar" Again, so what. If everthing is so bad for you and your grandkids, why aren't you and Mr. Pipeliner shorting the dollar? Is not the free-market open to shorting the dollar?

You missed the point! You can disagree with Mr. Soros' politics and you can send your money to whatever viewpoint you and Mr. Pipeliner supportor oppose, but don't somehow hint that Mr. Soros isn't entitled to invest his money, make a profit or lose, and spend the rest of it how he pleases on political issues without vague allusions to shorting the pound, involvement in the Asian crisis or shorting the dollar.

You have no idea what I do, what I believe or who I support for President: although, I should point out that whoever the President of the United States is from time to time is, in fact, our President of our country. We can disagree or agree with his policies, but he is our President.
Mr. Frank,

George Soros is entitled to spend his money anyway he wants, it's his. Too bad he spends most of it trying to expand a government that wants to take mine. It's easy to be Robin Hood when you own billions. Yes, Mr. Obama is my president he's not my Ayatollah. Let me borrow one of the lefts favorite sayings (QUESTION AUTHORITY).

Concerning Soros helping to cause devaluation of the Thai currency, leading to the Asian financial crisis:He is a convicted felon for "Insider Trading" in France.

"In 1997, Soros speculated against the Thai Bhat, causing it to rapidly devalue as investors sold their currency for dollars. This created a domino effect that swept throughout Asia, leaving Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and South Korea no choice but to float their currencies

As a result of Soros’ speculation against the Bhat, corporate profits fell 60 percent in Thailand and economists predicted growth rates would be near zero in 1997.

In light of his role in the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, Soros is branded in Thailand as an “economic war criminal” who “sucks the blood from the people.”

For the complete article:

I was working on Sumatra Island in Indonesia laying a 544-kilometer pipeline job. in 1997-98 when this took place. I saw first hand the grief caused by this.

Laborers on the job went from making $5 a day (country scale) to making $1 per day, while food prices kept going up. Robbery of the workers skyrocketed. Paydays were interesting and scary, with the bandits coming out of the jungles onto the job sites. All we had were clubs to defend ourselves from knives and machetes. You could get killed over your "sack-lunch".

My people worked 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, away from home, for months on end for $1 per day.. They slept on concrete floors in rented houses with from 30 to 40 men to a house.

I paid my people extra out of my own pocket to keep my small crew on the job and working.

Can you imagine taking 32 American pipeline welders (or oil field workers) and putting bunks on the walls of a 40-foot steel shipping containers, with no air conditioning (on the equator) and no lights or electricity, expecting them to all live in there? That is what the contractor did to native welders and tractor drivers. They would not even let the laborers live in the camps.

As far as food, if you liked monkey meat, you were in luck, as this was usually the main course in the man-camps. The "blue" money was the tastiest. They had other "bush-meat"-whatever they could kill. For a Westerner, most was inedible.

We hauled the welders and operators to and from the job with them standing up, packed-in, in the backs of open staked-bed trucks, like cattle.

I have spent years working in countries such as Argentina, Indonesia and Zimbabwe that were hit by hyper-inflation and currency devaluation. Get ready, America, thanks to Obama and the Demos, and their policies it will be coming to the USA. It will not be pleasant. Keep spending and borrowing, and printing money, it will be here before you realize.

As far as the organization Soros bankrolls, ACORN, this organization has been labeled "a criminal enterprise" due to convictions of ACORN workers who tried to add dead, imprisoned and imaginary people to the voter rolls.

This is "gaming" the system in a dishonest way.

Mr. Soros can invest or risk his money any way he wants. One can lose as well as gain in that game.
At this point, I think prayer is the only thing that might save our nation from complete destruction. With President Obama's political philosphy leading us all to a socialistic government, AlGore trying to steal as much money as he can through a tax and tax scheme based on "global warming" and the press falling all over themselves to make it all look good, we don't really have a chance on our own. Higher and higher taxes, nationalized healthcare/insurance, nationalized car manufacturers, nationalized banking system, and productivity smothering regulation/tax and trade systems, and then vote buying groups like ACORN "organizing communities", man! Can't wait to see how they'll pay for all of this! Oh, wait, I know! Tax just the evil them at 60%, heck why not 80%. They are evil. And don't worry, all of the "common" folk won't pay anything extra (ha ha...campaign is over, don't need that lie anymore).

Well, at least for now I can take a trip to other countries and pay for medical care from American doctors who will flee from our "new and improved" system!! Maybe the Cayman's will be the center of Banking AND Medical care in a few years!


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