I inherited property in 2009 (4 acres in 16N 06w 08, active well with El Paso, unknown amount of acres in 16N 06w 07 unknown acreage in 17N 04W 19.  I live in California and my fathers extended family who reside in Louisiana refuse to return calls any calls and that is causing me to be suspicious of their motives.  The question is how would I investigate the property deeds to find out exactly how much acreage I own without having to make an expensive flight to Louisiana?

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Contact the Bienville Parish Clerk of Court and inquire to see is a "remote account" will accomplish the research you need.  Not all records are available by computer so you will have to have some idea of the time period when you may have received ownership through succession.  If the person you inherited the ownership interest from has a succession or Judgment of Possession on file it will list the assets of that individual and those heirs that received proportional shares of those assets.  To set up the account and provide for one month's usage would be $200.  You can contact the Clerk of Court's office here:  http://www.bienvilleparish.org/clerk/contact.asp

Thank you


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