Is the amount of proppant used in a HZ well provided anywhere in SONRIS for each respective well?

If it is provided, can you provide the SONRIS report name and copy and paste an example of the text so I can see?

What is an average amount of proppant used for an avg HZ well?

As always thank you.

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Jed, I haven't calculated any proppant loads lately but they have run in the range of 3000 to 3400# per linear foot of perforated lateral in the not too distant past for the Louisiana wells I have reviewe.  There is no SONRIS data source for proppant loads.  In order to calculate the proppant loads, you take the well API number and enter it in Frac Focus website.  There is a step by step process and calculations that can take the data provided there and render a proppant load per foot but it's not easy.  I had to contact the web master to get help in how to do it.


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