I notice that the deductions on my checks seem to have doubled last month
What exactly are the deductions taken from natural gas royalties based on?

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Hey John, what do your deductions look like today?

ROYALTY check from Nov. Grossed $1109, after deductions for gathering and comps check from Camtera totaled $698.23. As product ion goes up in 2016 . Deductions continue to be made turning 900 checks into 600. My check I received yesterday put thenatural gas price for March at $1.4. Check total $355. Is there any money to be made in Roddessa formation.My .015216 has me wanting to sell. What do you think of the area my land sits. Is there any potential in future development or should I sell. I don't have kids and just turned 45. I'm not getting any younger. Any advice would be appreciated. I should have listened to your warnings about Camterra. CROOKS!


     Your theft could be much worse. $900 in Ohio is a years worth of royalties.

I know this information doesn't help your situation, and most Americans think that any theft is too much, which I agree it is, but these O&G folks trade notes on how to improve their take from landowners in order to give more to their ceo... I mean stock holders (that are no longer receiving dividends).

Maybe my point is that this is going to get worse, so we must be thankful that we have received a little something......NOT!    

Time to file a Class Action Lawsuit, and start petitions to Impeach all LA elected officials from the top down. Homeland Security can look into their bank accounts to see if they have additional money that they didn't earn (they certainly aren't earning the pay checks LA Citizens pay them).

I know you want to, so do it.

Do royalty owners have to pay all (total) of the fixed costs or just their proportionate share (percentage) of them?


    It depends on your producer, not your lease.

Chesapeake will do what they want ignoring your lease and I'm sure they aren't the only producers making up their own rules/interpretation of your lease to fit how they operate.

When a Producer decides to take it all, as Chesapeake is doing in Ohio, they must ignore the lease completely, no leases have a 0% royalty, but some Ohio Farmers are getting nothing each month.

That brings to mind a song by Steppinwolf from  back during the Vietnam War "America Where Are You Now, Don't You Care About Your Son's & Farmers?".

Had to swap Daughters for Farmers to improve the impact of the song.

"Don't You Know We Need You Now, We Can't Fight Alone Against The Monster"

Repeat for 3 minutes, add some guitar and you have a hit for Americas Landowners as domestic Oil & Gas bull dozes our land and steals our potential wealth.



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