Broadway 1h spud3Q12  ??near woodworth?

Lambright 1h spud4Q12  btw the two legs of kincaid lake.

check out maps on page 18/19

wish us luck.

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Please delete one of the two duplicate discussion threads before we start getting responses in both.  We've already got that problem with another discussion on the Main Page.

skip, i will delete the other b/c it is more of a woodbine discussion.

this is 4miles from my land in n.w. rapides.  lambright is about 15mi s.e. or indigo 34h.

bjj, I think Keith has already deleted one of the two discussions.  I hope it was the right one.  It's a good idea to check the Main Page after posting.  It may be a site glitch when two duplicates appear.  Since we only have room for 10 discussions visible on the Main Page it's good to avoid duplications.  Today we had two instances.  In that case 4 of the 10 discussions were the same discussions or same discussion topics.  Thanks for understanding.

skip,  this is my birthday month and i'm an old guy, so i am very surprised that i even understand what you are saying.  this computer age is much younger than me. 

i might have posted twice?   i started and hit carrier return (enter.)  so, i probably did double post.


p.s. i am a small island surrounded by indigo.  no one has tried to  lease us.  if we are the only ones unleased in a section, how much would it cost to be a working interest?

Happy Birthday. You should get a lease offer when Inidgo or another energy company wishes to drill a unit containing your mineral.  Even if you were to remain unleased you wouldn't be a WI (Working Interest), you would be a UMI (Unleased Mineral Interest).  Different laws apply.  Click the link to learn how a UMI is treated under the law.  I do not support going unleased.  I think you will have the alternative to get a lease.

UMI Basics by Caliente.doc UMI Basics by Caliente.doc, 80 KB

Indigo probably won't be drilling any time soon. If/when they sell their position you'll probably get an offer to lease.

broadway well will be near echo


halcon map is WRONG.   just got word at courthouse.

lambright land is near woodworth,  about 10 miles s.e. of kinkaid.


lambright is on w. side of 165 (lake charles hwy) two miles south of horseshoe drive.

excuse me.  i have to correct myself again.  per another discussion, the lambright is behind buccaneer trailers in woodworth.   i am just trying to get the info out there, not trying to start bad rumors.  



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