Anyone familiar with Tacoma Energy and/or leasing activity in Rapides Parish ?

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From what I have heard they have a low ball offer. My advise is to hold off until the price goes up.
Thank you sir
Dave, where is your property?
The land is south of Alexandria on 165 around Forest Hill. The land is my brother-in-laws and I am trying to help him get info.
I heard that Tacoma was offering $100 per acre for a 5 year lease.
Thank you/Dave Watson
Dave 15 years ago I was buying leases for Chesapeake in that same neck of the woods for $150 for 5 years.
Two Dogs,  did you buy leases around Union Hill,  Heinston and LaCamp.  If so you probably signed my lease with Chesapeake.   It was about 15 years ago for $125/acre for 5 years.  The Union Hill well hit and blew,  burned for months before being brought under control.   
I was more around Glenmora and to the East all the way down to Bayou Chicot in Evangeline Parish. I well remember the Union Hill well that blew along with the Giles well.

two-dogs, are they making offers now in Southwest Rapides Parish.

thanks for any info, treeman

Tacoma Energy Corporation has contacted, by mail, some mineral rights owners in Rapides Parish near Forest Hill regarding interest in leasing land.The landman has a Woodlands TX office and possibly one in Lafayette. I believe his name is Tim Bignaud, not sure this is correct spelling.
treeman, about a week ago an old friend called and told me that one of his relatives had been contacted by someone representing Tacoma and was offered a deal at $100 per acre for a 5 year lease and 1/6 royalty. The land was near Forest Hill. Anadarko has completed 2 wells in Vernon Parish in the Austin Chalk. The first one is in the Southwest Corner of the parish about 1 mile East of the Sabine River and 3 miles North of the Beauregard Parish line. The second one is close to the Evans fire tower. Indigo is drilling a well between Temple and the Clifton Community in Section 32, Township 4 North, Range 5 West in Vernon Parish.


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