Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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Permits are only effective for so long.  They can expire and then the well has to be re-permitted.  If this is not an alternate well then it is likely a re-permit. 

It is my understanding that a bigger rig is suppose to be on site by 7/4/19, pressure issues & previous rig too small.

This is the #2 well.


Expensive trial and error.  Hope the big one works. As of earlier today no rig sign.

Jay! Since this well is partially drilled already  what would be a good estimate of time until completion?

Unless I am mistaken, operator is moving over about 30' from first wellbore and drilling a brand new well. Not a re-entry of the original wellbore.

If that is the case and operator is successful, I figure we are 6+ months (at best) from seeing any test results from the horizontal. But easily could be much longer

RM is correct. The name is the same but this is a different well.  The #2.  So not a re-entry of #1.

Is it normal to drill so close to previous drill, 30'?

I think 30 to 50' is about the usual in pad drilling.  I have been on a pad with 16 wellheads.

So true RM!   Definitely a time consuming process and will be slow to show up on Sonris.   I know as of yesterday there was no rig sign at site entry road off LA 165 just south of Glenmora, LA.

So basically a longer & more expensive process.   Hopefully we will see something good on this within the next 6 months & maybe even de-risk this area some.   Only thing this will mean is bigger pockets will be able to drill in this area.   Results of this & the 3D survey will determine whether the area will pick up or slow down.   Also, looks like there is also new posting on Amelia Resources Blog about this area.

No RIG signs yet.   Does anyone know if the RIG is on site yet?


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