Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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Gamma Ray well logs posted today on Sonris


Thanks for posting this PDF of the log 

Appears to be composite correlation log that combines some sort of GR tool (strange scale at 0-250) with ROP (rate of penetration / drilling time), temperature and Gas reading.

Temp log changes scale but doesn't say to what scale - so impossible to determine temp in lateral from this log.

Gas log is worthless - it is pegged out at zero through the lateral which is highly dubious in my opinion.

I am thinking that operator "edited" this log since it had to be filed with the state. State only says that they need a log to be filed - I highly doubt that they check the logs and go back to operator saying "Hey, you left out some data!'

GR log showing at least two types of signatures in the lateral - probably indicating subtle formation changes in the lateral.

Up past your bed time, Rock Man?  :-)  Much in the way of data and reports passes through the Office of Conservation without reasonable review and due diligence.  The only time something like this gets any attention is when it is pointed out to the appropriate staff.  Otherwise they are too busy and under staffed to catch it.

Darn. It appears like they want to keep it a big secret. 

Typical close to the vest attitude as to distributing data.

I would figure that there would be high gas readings at these depths and pressures - unless they were using very heavy drilling mud to hold down gas influx from the formation.

Regardless of this "non data", the key will be in the post frac flowback results.

As always , thx RM for keeping us informed!


2 new well logs dated 12-13-19.  Very hard to read though.  Wonder what they are trying to hide?

Doesn't appear that anything is being hidden.  I do not read well logs and the images can be difficult to scan and to read because of their size.  I can open and view all of the recently uploaded well logs.  You just have to know how to do it.

Hopefully one of our geologists can interpret them for us. Thanks for posting

Echo'ing Skip's comments, absolutely nothing being hidden in these two logs by the operator.

These are the GR (gamma ray) logs for the well - both MD (measured depth / 22,500) and TVD (true vertical depth / 15,270').

Info being shown is up front and clear - GR readings and ROP (rate of penetration) in left side of log and temperature log in right side of log. Plus all the depth, TVD, direction and other calls through the wellbore.

This log is run while the well is being drilled - tool is about 60-70' behind the bit. Helps the operator stay in section (key is GR reading).

I doubt if operator ran any other open hole logs in this lateral once they pulled the drilling assembly .

Nothing to interpret with these logs aside from the fact that lateral is in a consistent clean GR section thru the extent of the lateral wellbore.

Operator also had a mud log going while drilling this well - and I would love to see it. But that log does not have to filed with the state. 

Key now is the frac and post frac flowback results

This well is now listed as a status code10-active producing. Nothing else new here

Interesting.  I've never seen a Code 10 well that didn't also have the IP data included in the Scout section.  I suspect we will see it quite soon.  If it's not entered tomorrow, I'll check with SONRIS staff.


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