Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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Just looked at SONRIS a mintue ago

More info added

Allowable now 2200

Estimated potential 210

Current Allowable Type 1

Question - what units are they talking about? BO? MCF? 

Rut row.   Here is the completion:

It’s up. 210 BOPD 1650 MCF/D, 3343 BWPD Crowell 2


Thanks for posting / looks like this was a dynamic situation today as to new info being up loaded.

  • Now the question is how soon after flowback started was this test measured?
  • 24 hours as Skip has indicated?
  • And how will these rates change over time - especially with respect to increased O&G volumes and reduced water volumes.

If this is the stabilized rate that doesn't get any better  - Rut Row is good comment!

I see that this rate was on 18/64" choke with high flowing pressure (8200#) and SITP of 6063#. Casing Pressure 1300#. Oil gravity 52 API (condensate?) 

Thanks again

It will take months for monthly production volumes to appear on SONRIS.  I think we may see something from Marathon before then.  It is possible but somewhat unlikely that Marathon's end of year report, usually out in February or March, will mention the well.  Better odds for first quarter 2020 report/presentation maybe in late April or May.

The pressure is in line with other Masters Creek wells.  GOR is high due to oil being mixed with frac water and formation water.  But good wells in Masters Creek came online at much higher flow rates than this, so if I was Marathon I would be disappointed in this test.  But maybe they know something I don’t .  

Thx for posting everyone, not numbers we were hoping for.  Maybe things will improve as flowback is completed.  HC

Jay, how does the 18/64" choke affect the flow?

The well is still cleaning up and may or may not be disguised by Marathon.  But most legacy wells in Masters Creek had much better flow rates than this.  Check back in 6 months.  


The SDM2G test is flow over 24 hours.  Not nearly long enough for clean up.  So expect something better as to max flow.  A 18/64" choke seems pretty tight to me especially considering the flowing pressure.  Yes condensate, so not the price per barrel of oil.  On 1/30 WTI was $52.14/barrel.  Condensate was $44.49/barrel.

Thanks Jay & Skip for your great insight & helping us understand.

Thanks Jay. Lots of frac water. Hopefully the oil percentage will increase over the next few days. 

Echoing some earlier comments by others, all the water produced may not just be frac water but instead may be coming from the AC (formation water).

Time will tell - and we are talking months to get an idea as to how good this well may be and what sort of O&G reserves and economics we are looking at.


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