Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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Lots of good info in these four new reports that I could write a book on - but won't.

In short, information on testing the casing that was set to TD (using 18.3# oil based mud that was pressured up for 30 minutes to confirm good cement integrity where needed).

A well history to date with a lot of details on the drilling and casing efforts by operator.

Directional survey showing that this is approximately a 6350' long lateral that was drilled "toe up" at a TVD of about 15,300'.

Next steps - frac'ing the well using perf and plug approach (I think they said 29 stages) followed by drilling out the frac plugs and flowing back the well.

Things should get interesting soon - but it may still be months before operator posts flow back / well test results.

Let the rumors begin to fly!

PS - I sure do wish that some other individuals with some O&G industry expertise would post on this site. We had a couple of others who have opted to drop out for various reasons. I often feel like the lone wolf out there with my posts and comments. I'd love to have some other discussion and opinions (no one has EVER accused me of being 100% correct on anything in my life!).

Rockman we appreciate your wisdom and thank you so much for interpreting things that the non expert can’t see. I also wish that Jay and some of the other experts would rejoin our group. I miss their knowledgeable comments. They were a big wealth of information for us amateurs.

but back to business, it sounds like this attempt at getting the lateral in has been successful-just praying for oil rather than water. Now we have to wait for the results!

I have to figure that operator has a pretty good idea that they will make O&G - question will be how much! Water production will be a part of the equation too (even after frac fluid has been produced back).

Keep in mind that many horizontal plays make a good amount of water along with O&G (Permian, Eagle Ford, other areas). Just need HIGH volumes on the O&G side to offset SWD costs.

Time will tell here!

PD - Appreciate the compliment!

Sounds like all good news for our area.  So good to hear something positive.  Thanks RM & DC.

Didn't they put a SWD close to this well?

I think that they did - figure that facility cost about $750.000 +/-.

Also figure that trucking out produced water would cost $2-$3 per barrel. Figure the SWD will "payout" during the first few months after post frac flowback commences.

Good moved by the operator - but most companies would not do this for an "untested" area. Says a lot about the quality of operator for this project

thx everyone for posting,  all sounds good.  now we need to be patient and wait on some flowback results with fingers crossed... HC

Looks like on Sonris there is 4 new documents created on 11/15/19 for this well.    Casing test, well history, D\WIR & DIR Survey.   Expert analysis would be greatly appreciated.

Already commented on these four reports a couple of days ago after David Crockett made similar observation.

Thanks RM!  Good updates.

Okay guys. There has been a new well permitted in rapides parish today. Happy Thanksgiving!


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