Well S/N 241061 has a BHL inside my section.  It is a Chesapeake well which has been producting since Oct. 2010; but I am leased with Shell and receiving royalties from their well S/N 241913 which is located inside my section.  I have not been contacted by CHK so my question is what should I do because surely they cannot just extract gas from beneath my property without paying royalties.

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I don't know what you are looking at but I don't find that second well as being in the same section as the first one.
Busybee, #241061 is a Chesapeake well with both surface location and bottom hole in Section 21 of 11/12.  #241913 is a Swepi well with a surface in Section 33 of 11/12 and a bottom hole in Section 28 of 11/12.  Mineral owners in Section 28 will be the ones receiving royalty.  I assume your minerals are in Section 28.
Yes, I am section 28.  Map I had indicated CHK well with bottom hole location in 28, but it is from permit application filed last year.  Maybe they changed before they drilled?????


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