Rebel member here - breaking all the rules! Well, one of the rules actually!

I'm a misbehaving GHS member  this morning - I KNOW this  discussion doesn't belong in the Main Group and I'll delete it later.  I want to draw attention to the off-topic "Out of Gas" Group.  


I don't know how many members have joined but my guess is as many of us are unleased mineral owners as leased and/or O&G professionals.  Many of us have become genuinely interested in reading and following the O&G discussions but we very seldom have anything to post, we're "lurkers".  Who wants to be a lurker???


I think the oldtimers here (myself included) will say we represent a cordial, caring community of people from every walk of life who might enjoy the online comraderie more if we could actually participate more often.  I want to invite anyone who is not a member of the "Out of Gas" Group to join  and encourage everyone to share  in the fun. 



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here are links to a couple of my favorite "off topic" discussions...
they can be alot of fun and a nice diversion when nothing else much is going on.
(sigh) I remember the days when we used to play and have fun with each other. Now everyone is so serious. KJ, I'm ready for another one of your award winning margaritas. I have just about sobered up after the last one!
Someone say margaritas? I'm in!
I wish you hadn't said that, SHM! LOL! After a whole day of yardwork, nothing on earth would taste better to me right now than one of King John's margaritas. Now I can't get my mind off the idea! I'm getting a headache craving a margarita!

There was a recipe in our local newspaper this morning for an apricot margarita.
Thanks for the invite, Rosebud, I think I'll take you up on it!
Hi Pam!! By all means, just jump in! Invite others - the more the merrier!
rosebud, do you have a good rebel yell? i'll make you an apricot margarita if you post a video of your rebel yell !!! lol
1 1/4 oz. gold tequila
1/2 oz. apricot brandy
4 0z. s/s
a splash of o.j.
shake and pour over ice, in a sugar rim glass.
rosebud, it would be a real plus if you broke out those daisey dukes for that video!! lol
KJ.............everybody knows that you never mix tequila and daisey dukes. Tequila only goes well with thongs!!!
Awwww, shoo..shoo... dang. I broke my bess pear of fl ... fl ... hic ... flop-flaps back their in tha pol ... pol ... pollycal ... that whachamacall group. hic Ya think that new memmer Qui ... Qui ... urp ... Quilla hass a spair pear? An who the hay is Duke? Never mett him. Iss tha won of yur kin, Mizz C?



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