When you look at the recent long lateral completions in the Haynesville, it is easy to draw the conclusion that they will be the predominant completion go forward.  Note that the CHK ROTC wells have produced 11 BCF in the first 7 months of production.  Pretty impressive.  


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Thanks. I like the Black well, formerly Chesapeake now Covey Park.  9.7 Bcf in nine months.  One well not two.  What do you think, Jay?  12 Bcf in the first 12 months of production?


Some of us only have SONRIS for cumulatives.  :-)  The Black well is one well, while the cum production for the ROTC is for two wells.  Correct?  I'm taking your reply to mean that the two ROTC wells will likely reach 25 Bcf for 12 months cum production or, if all things were equal, 12.5 Bcf for each well for 12 months.

All well production listed on SONRIS is the cumulative production for the unit.  There is no break out as to individual wells.  Take a look at ROTC 1 and you will find the exact same cul production.  I wish it was different but that is the way that state regs require operators to report.  You can't break out individual unit well production on SONRIS.

Thanks. SONRIS is sufficient for my purposes and it is free. :-)


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