I just recieved notice from BP thanking me for one of ideas I submitted for control of well. They informed me that they were ALREADY considering what I suggested. Cause to wonder? Now I will wait to learn if they implement it. Perhaps I was day late and $ short. I have couple of ideas pending review. Anyone else with similar experience?

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Thank you Dorcheated. I am getting about "burned out" but I do not quit. I hope to go to south La. in next couple of weeks. I have some other ideas I want to "field test". Small stuff but could be helpful in clean up. But would rather be on Dorcheat fishing.
Well, a man like you is welcomed at my place anytime Aubrey. You PM me when you want to go fishing.
Anyone listening to CMBC today heard Jim Cramer say, regarding the "well that won't quit", "This is the greatest discovery of our time." Paraphrasing Mr. Cramer, he told listeners that some of his "oil buddies" have told him that BP thought the well would at least slow down or drain out by now but it is "the well that won't quit". Mr. Cramer continued to say that the industry would never state this publicly. I find it very difficult to believe that BP cannot stop this well or significantly decrease the flow. Either way, knowing and not stopping it or not having a "backup" plan is beyond reprehensible.
This is not remotely close to any of my professional expertise areas but I tend to agree with Two Dogs, Pirate.
Curtailing dividends is a "no brainer".
We could probably send 12 guys from this web site to stop that well!
You know what, i think you may be right. 12 guys from this site just might be able to handle this well. I sure would like to be 1 of them.

I did not see Jim Cramer. However, it is for sure that this well could have been a GREAT well. Furthermore, it is almost certain that had BP followed protocol this would not have happened. I do believe that BP could reduce the flow and/or kill the well now.
WOW. Makes the Smackover well we just completed in North Shongaloo-Red Rock field look puny. But, we only spent about $1.8 million. Many, many years ago I did lots of seismic work in the marshes.
25,000 barrels per day. If my math is correct, one can visualize about 800 of these gushers going off at once and he has visualized how much we (USA) are using on a day in and day out basis. WOW, is this correct?
Coyote Ugly,

That is certainly close enough for government work. You are certainly in ball park. However, with more recent estimate of 50,000 BPD that would reduce # to 400.. Still incredible to me.
Mr. Sanders, I have been down on the coast talking to people that are there on the drill site. One is a skipper of a boat that is spraying chemicals into the water. He said to me, and I had already been thinking about it, whats with the bolts right under the cut. Why can't that be used as a plug, unbolt and re-bolt cap. We can do it in outer space but we can't do it at a mile underwater. Where should our goals be, the Ship that we are riding is mostly covered with water.
Spring Branch, why did they cut the pipe so close to the bolts? They left nothing but a stub above the junction.
use space-center astronauts to plug the hole.
We need some Deep Water Aquanauts not Spacemen to do this job.
Perhaps to limit their options. Does not make any sense to me! What do you think, Spring Branch?


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