What are the unit sizes for the Roxanna Acadia horizontal wells in Sabine Parish?  I understand this is a big Olympia minerals lease.

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The Roxanna Acadia wells are not unitized.  They are "lease wells".  Since Olympia appears to own all the minerals in those sections we may see Roxanna Acadia form Voluntary Units (VUA) if more than one well is needed to drain a section.

Ok thank you very much.  Do you know what the unit sizes would be on other lands, i.e. 1 or 2 per section.  Does not look like a  long horizontal leg.

Drilling units in north Louisiana are geographic (based on governmental sections) so I would suspect any drilling units formed to be +/- 640 acres.  That would happen if the play spreads and Roxanna Acadia or some other company chooses to form compulsory units so that they can "force pool".  There is no need to do that in sections where Olympia holds all the mineral rights.

Again, Thank You


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