We have two wells that are in one well

name and different section  but showing our section, township and range located in Bienville parish. Should we  be getting royalities?

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We need more information, dot.  Do you know the name of the well and operator?  Do you know the location by Section-Township-Range?

the wells are listed as j woodard; section 27 15 9h. we are in section 34 15n 9w. I understand not gettling royalities from a different section but  sonris shows this is in our section. Am I reading it wrong? There is also  the batchler well in our section drawing out of Red River parish, are we entitled to surface royalties since it is in our section? Sorry I don't understand all this but I'm getting conflicting information and don't think we are entitled to anything from these wells. Just need to be able to pass on the right information.

thanks if you help.


dot. the number in the well name denotes the section being drained.  The mineral owners in that section receive royalty from the well.  It is quite common for a horizontal well to be drilled from a surface location adjacent to but outside the section being drained.  The state database was set up to organize well locations by surface coordinates.  Since the lateral or horizontal wellbore of Haynesville Shale wells are drilled on a north/south axis a well drilling into Section 27  with surface location in Section 34 (or Section 23) would be the norm not the exception.

There are two Haynesville wells with surface locations in Section 34.  J Woodard 34-15-9H is draining Section 34 (unit HA RA SU62).  J Woodard 27-15-9H is draining Section 27 (unit HA RA SUVV).  There is no such thing as "surface royalty".

It depends on the formation being drained by each well and then the dimensions of the new unit.

That's what I thought. Now to convince the rest. Thanks !

It may help if you get a animation video off the Internet. Good luck.

Go to the Hearings section at the LA Dept. of Conservation website where you should find geographic plats for the wells plus language as to which formations are targeted by each well.

I'd stay away from those animated internet videos...LOL

thanks, I will.


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