I did not receive a royalty check from Range resources last month (August 31), and no amount has been posted (in my name) on their owner relations website section for September, so far.  Did anyone else receive an August check from Range, or am I the only one left out?  

About two weeks ago, I sent their owner relations group an email with this payment question.  In their reply, the person stated that my question had been sent to the appropriate analyst.  I have received no information from that analyst so far.  The person who replied also stated that Range should pay through November and then Castleton Resources should take over payments.  

When Range bought the production from MRD, I don't remember any interruption in the payments.

I have not received any information from Castleton Resources concerning them taking over Range Resources property.  Anyone else heard from Castleton?

Thanks for your help.

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David, this is the second discussion you have started on the Main Page on the same subject.  Please stop. You're knocking other discussions off the Main Page.  Your question is much better posted on the Lincoln Parish Group Page.  I'll post a link below.  When you post on a "group page", all the members of the group get an email alerting them to your new discussion.  That doesn't happen when you post of the Main Page, You have to hope the right members see it before it rotates off.  Often, as is the case with the lack of activity regarding Range and the Terryville Complex, they do not.  If you are not a member of the Lincoln Parish Group, please join and post on the group page.


Sorry, but I thought I made it clear that I was trying to do exactly what you're suggesting with my reply to the first post.  Please feel free to delete both of my posts on your main page.  I went to the Lincoln Parish group twice, clicked on add a discussion, and twice the post appeared on your main page.  The first time, when I saw that it went to your main page, I carefully posted at the Lincoln Parish Group, but the same thing happened!  Not sure how that happens, but I sent a message to the members of the Lincoln Parish group that appears to have gone to all of the members.  Again, please feel free to delete my posts from your main page.

David, did you join the Lincoln Parish Group?  You're not the first member to have this problem and I periodically try to figure out if it is a site glitch or something else.  You must be a member to post on a group page.  I re-posted your discussion on the Lincoln page.  Here is what that looks like.  Note the "in Lincoln Parish.  Shale Related Topics is the Main Page.

Royalty check from Range Resources for August 31, 2020

Here is the notation from your Main Page discussions.

Royalty check from Range Resources for August 31, 2020

Yes Skip, joining the Lincoln Parish Group was the very first thing I did.  I even received an email welcoming me to the group.  Thank you very much for posting my discussion in the Lincoln Parish group.  Sorry to have disrupted the flow of messages on the main page.

Thanks for confirming that you joined the group and received the email.  It may simply be a lag in your joining and the site recognizing your access to posting on the group.  I'll let Keith know.  I hope you get some feedback from the Lincoln Parish group.  Those members haven't had a lot of content to keep them engaged in quite a while.  I can't delete your duplicate post but I will ask Keith to do so.


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