I am having some questions about the price I am getting paid from Aethon.  The price I was paid from Chesapeake, PXP, and QEP was closer to NYMEX Natural Gas Contract Settlement Price than the price I am being paid from Aethon.  The price I was paid for May sales was 1.25 and the price from NYMEX was 1.79. Can anyone tell me what they were paid from their producer?  

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Likely someone in the proper parish group can share with you their price but if you don't post there you will be lucky to get the feedback you are after.  In what parish are your mineral rights located?

Bienville parish.

Click on the link below.  "Join"  the Bienville Parish Group.  "Add" your new discussion to the group page.  Note that there are 223 members of the Bienville Parish Group.  An email will be sent to each of those members alerting them to your discussion.  I feel sure there are a number of Aethon royalty recipients among those 223 members. 


Thanks a lot.


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