Hello everyone.
I'm very new at all this but I need to know if anyone can tell me about additional wells in our section. Will we receive royalities from all producing wells in our section? If not, how is it determined who gets paid and who doesn't? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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"I wish that I would have worked on a drilling rig for a while when I was young."

Me too. It would probally kill me now... I enjoy the fact that I get to sleep at regular intervals in my own bed.
I'm not sure if everyone is getting a good idea of whether they are being treated fairly or not.

I know people are posting the price that their operator is being paid for their gas, but the questions left unanswered are many... such as where exactly are you located a well in the middle of nowhere isn't going to command as much as a well 100 yards from a processing plant. What is the quality of the gas the wells are producing some gas is dry enough you don't need any processing to move it on down the pipe other gas will need processing and the amount can vary... other than that I would expect a contract of any type would include a clearly defined price to be used... say the mid-point of the first of month index price of a given area plus or minus some amount to account for the location of the gas.

I'm baffled if all these contracts were so vague that a landowner can't subscribe to Platts and know the price that is being used.
TommyB, Henry posted a PDF of a standard CHK lease contract a few days ago. The disclaimer at the end is very vague. It may lead you to believe they can pay whatever they want.


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