Is anyone aware of any new or recent activity in Sabine Parish.  I was contacted about a pipeline right of way, but nothing else in the past few years.  Just wonder if there is anything new happening??

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There is activity in the northern portions of Sabine Parish.  Beyond that it is difficult to be specific without knowing your location.  By section-township-range, if you know it.

Yes, I was also contacted by a pipeline company wanting to lay a 42' line from DeSoto Parish through Sabine Parish on way to South Louisiana.  Lands in R7N T11W.

I have owned land with mineral rights in the following larger areas:
Sec 25 of 8-12
Sec 35 of 8-12
Sec 31 of 9-11
Sec 19 of 9-11
Sec 7 of 7-12
Sec 3 of 7-13
Sec 31 of 8-13
Sec 33 of 8-13

All prospective areas especially for Mid-Bossier shale.  All Haynesville Shale drilling & production units include the Bossier formation in their depth definitions.  You either have to look at the unit development plans or be able to tell the difference in the True Vertical well Depth (TVD) to discern which is which.  You will never see anything else reported to the state that tells you a well is producing from the Bossier.  The 7N townships are definitely out on the fringes of the defined play at this time but at least your sections are in the north one third of those townships.



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