Has anyone seen any leasing or drilling activity in Sabine County? We used to have a lease with Forestar within the J.I Pifermo survey back around 2015. They apparently went down to 9,000 feet and stopped. I don't know all the technical terms or the implications of stopping at that depth, if that means there is nothing in that area etc. I was wondering if anyone has had new lease offers or even drilling in that area since about 2015 or 2016?

Thanks for any info,

P Ballay

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I have not heard of any leasing activity in Sabine County in years. That well was Rutledge #1, a wildcat well permitted vertical to 9,000'. They finished drilling July 15, 2014 but never got a Lease ID number for it so no production.  The only activity since then was on a couple of old Austin Chalk wells in the Brookeland Field permitted by Noramco in 2016 to add new laterals. 


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