Sabine operating in ( Findley A-247, O'Neal A-527 Anderson A-30) Harrison county, TX

Hi and thank you for allowing me to post. I know little about my mineral ownershi. I acquired them back in about 2009. I've leased before and currently my lease is held by Sabine Oil and Gas. I recently received a royalty check first time ever. (I've always wondered how would I really know if there was a well being developed or if it produced gas or oil.) Well looks like there's gas production and from little I've been told by Sabine thus far there's actual two wells. Now I'm playing catch up to educate myself and it's not easy. First had to learn how to read by statement which seems only to show the first well which is Furrh-elum-harper 1H and not Furrh-Findley-Mimm 2H it seems.  I've been told a division order is being mailed. So now I search for my lease though I remember the basics. pooled. 8 acres each for my brother and I. He received his check without a division order too. Help, please lead me in the right direction. Yes, maybe I should have an attorney review. But where do I search what the actual MCF is monthly and pricing for the month. I've learned what info I need to learn my decimal interest. Help. any little bit. Sorry for being lengthy. Oh last thing where can I learn when each well was completed and became productive. Thanks again.

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