Once again I am willing to publicly display my ignorance for the common good of my fellow shalers--hoping someone out there will be gracious enough (with time on his/her hands) to shed some light on this subject. What are the good and bad points of having a salt water disposal storage well (if that is even what it is called) on your property? How large can a storage well be (in gals.) and any other useful information you are willing to impart is greatly appreciated.

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George. Here's a bump to the top of the Main Page and a link to a previous discussion of SWD wells. I'd add more but it's above my pay grade. A reminder to all the members, we've been at this coming up on two years now and we have an extensive archive of past discussions. And Main Page links in the left hand column for help with all the need-to-know basics. Suggestion: Click on "View All" at the bottom of the discussion topics on the Main Page and use the search box. Just enter a key word or words and be amazed at the wealth of information that is available there.

George, a salt water disposal well is actually providing access to an entire storage formation. Because the formation may cover a large area beyond a single owner's property, it is difficult to estimate the total storage capacity. Such wells must be permitted by the State as a Class II injection well and so the Dept of Conservation should review any potential impacts.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. You guys are great.
does anyone know if the formation being used to dispose of the salt water has to be a depleted zone?
what i mean is , does the formation have to have been produced so there would be room for the salt water? or, are these formations which are sutiable for this type of facility, naturally occurring ?
I've always wondered why they don't evaporate away the water, and then otherwise dispose of the salt left behind.

Is it just that it's cheaper to inject it back into the ground? Environmental concerns about evaporating the water? The volume of the solid waste being too high? Too much toxic material in the material left behind? A philosophy of "sweep it under the rug?"
I think they should pipe it into LAke Bistineau and kill the Silvania! Just think, the state could save all that money wasted on spraying... O&G could save all those $50,000 pay outs. I realize it would kill the fish, (if there are any) LOL . the only drawback IMO is it would also kill the beautiful cypress trees.
Once upon a time, salt water was discharged into Caddo Lake from the numerous wells around the lake. As we learned more, and started to care more for the environment, this was stopped. The amount of Salt water discharged, not always intentionally I might add, was only enough to slightly raise the salinity of the lake. The trees did just fine, and from stories I 've heard the fishing was fine.

The Red River was once much higher in salinity, before the Corps had its way, Remember how red it used to be, the color was from minerals from upstream that added to the salinity.

I am by no means advocating the disposal of produced waters into Lake Bistineau, but I can't help wonder what a gradual use, maybe direct spraying of salt water onto the salvina would do. It couldn't be any worse than the chemicals and herbsides being used now, could it? The drawdowns can't be that great for the fish either.

Besides, if the salvina takes over and we lose the lake, Will any of the negativeeffects of salt water really matter? What about the lakes not yet affected? The more salvina spreads, the greater chance of another lake or water body being effected.

I have always been amused that its a serious environmental incident when salt water is spilled from a well site or transport truck, but then as soon as it gets cold the first thing the government does it cover every bridge in town with rock salt.

Evaporation would take large shallow pools, and to much time to handle the volumes needed.

check out this site http://www.cargill.com/cs/sf_bay/
Why not dig salt water ponds - maybe a man made ocean shallow enough to be of no harm to the water table and build a beach and promote it for tourism or health tx - might as well dream big!
Before every one comes unglued - I am only joking.


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