Samson Completes Two Excellent Shale Wells in Texas (5/31/09)

The following information for two Harrison County wells was posted in today's East Texas Drilling Report in the Tyler Paper. I believe these are two of the highest rate Haynesville/Bossier Shale wells in Texas to date.

"Samson Lone Star completed the Woodley GU 1 Well No. 2H to 14,790 feet four miles northwest of Elysian Field and potentialed 9.164 million cubic feet of gas on a 26/64-inch choke. The Riley Trust Well No. 2H hit 15,560 feet seven miles west of Waskom and potentialed 10.438 million cubic feet of gas on a 40/64-inch choke in the Haynesville formation."

Additional information for the two wells is as follows:

Samson, Riley Trust #2H  Well, Serial #673858 
Samson, Woodley Gu 1 #2H  Well, Serial #672217 

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JWC, it is an area in Texas near Lufkin that has produced from shallower horizons. There has not been sufficient testing done to date to determine if this area will be commercial for the Haynesville/Bossier Shale play.
Thanks Les. I did find a map that Goodrich put out that shows the Angelina River Trend running through the middle of San Augustine County and headiang due West. Not any drilling activity down that way. I do know there has been quite a bit of land leased in that area....mainly Devon and Encana.
If you've followed Samson over the years as I have, you will notice how conservative they are as well. They didn't bite one bit on the feeding frenzy of '08. Back in 2006. I was leasing a play in Oklahoma where we came in about 6 months after they did, and we were going after the same Townships as they were so my people gave me permission to bust the bonus money up a little higher so we could poach leases. They never made a move, just slow and steady, 3's & 2's, and they were there long after we were gone. They'll be around to take advantage for the long haul.
Jim. We're getting kinda late in the play for Samson Contour to have only four HA wells. I completed vertical (238911) and 3 horizontals drilling (239201,239461,239551). I hope they live up to your expectations.
Hey Jim, I almost had a job with those guys a few years ago.
Electro. I am unaware of any connection between Samson and Penn-Virginia in E. TX. From past corporate reports, my impression was that Penn-Virginia's Harrison County development activity was under a Joint Venture Agreement with Devon Energy.

I think that PennV's joint venture in this area is with GMX Resources.

Todd M. Baker
Todd, you are correct about the East Texas JV between GMX Resources & Penn Virginia.
Todd. Considering the number of operators active in the county, almost any combination is conceivable. I haven't been in the Harrison Clerk of Court's Record Room in months but the amount of activity measured by conveyance recordings was far greater than any substantive reporting of development activity in the media. Or corporate conference calls. That is one of the most glaring differences between NW. LA. and E. TX. And it makes the play(s) in E. TX. darn difficult to track.
Electro, remember that Samson is a privately held company whereas most of the others are publicly held.
Goodrich Petroleum announced results of the Luthern Church 5-HR in the Minden-Beckville area of Panola County on 6/1; IP was 9.0mmcf with a 26/64 choke 4375 psi


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