It looks like Samson Contour is getting ready to drill in Sec. 35 & 36 T14N R9W and Sec. 2 T13N R 9W in Red River Parish in the Martin Field. They have had these sections unitized since 2006 or so and their cheap leases will begin expiring in 2010. Questions: Is Samson a competent operator? On par with EnCana, CHK & HK? Any success so far in the Haynesville Shale?

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Highwayman, Samson has and completed the following well in Red River Parish. We are waiting for test results to assess their capability.

Samson, Wood 30 #H1 Well, Serial #239551, S30-T14N-R9W, Bracky Branch Field
They have also completed a well in 12, T17N-R11W sn 239201
Any idea who owns the property where these Samson Contour wells will be drilled? Thx.
Samson Contour has applied for or received over 110 HA unit sections but they are doing very little drilling and have no horizontal completions. Go to SONRIS and count their HA wells (1 vertical completion/5 HA horizontals permitted the last time I looked). Now I will not dispute my industry friends who think highly of Samson but the reality appears to be that Samson Contour will be the operator in only a small number of their units if actions to date are any indication. There are new wells by other operators appearing in some of these Samson units. I believe that Samson holds HA units as a means for them to choose what company will operate.
Skip the 239201 is a horizontal completion but not a good one retest 3mm and 160 bw and they frac the heck out of it.
Terry. Shhhh! Let's not count that one. I think Samson can do better. They have a prior (poor) vertical completion in S4 (238911) and a horizontal in S22 that TD'ed on 7-20 (239847). Other than those wells to HA depths in 17N - 11W, there is a CHK vertical in S30 (238892) that's not much help. Come on 239847!!!
Red River Gal,

Not sure, but they are contacting landowners now.



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