My 13 year old daughter is going to do a school science fair project on Haynesville Shale. Any ideas???

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Contact Encana (ie. the Haynesville Shale Education center). Encana is supportive of education, particularly in areas they are working in. They may have had a similar request in the past, and can offer valuable tools to help your child succeed.
You sound like a united way commercial. lol.
How about the impact on ground water due to increased use from drilling companies. There is some good info on the DNR homepage.

Also, impacts on aquifers are well documented. She could build a model with an aquarium with differernt layers of strata to show what happens if you pull to much water out.

Maybe you should write for parenting magazine.

Or consult for Dr. Phil.
the jurassic part does sound like it would be interesting to the kids. if we went this way with the project i would definatly need some help. this is her last year doing science fair projects and since haynesville shale will be around for a long time i think she could really learn alot and look back on it. my email address is thanks so much!!
she is going to need a title, problem. hypothesis, procedure, results and conclusion. if you know of some websites off hand or other ways we can get information so we can start studying up on it and getting ideas that would help. i can't wait for her to get out of school. she is going to be so excited about this and your help. thanks so very much!!!
Look at some of the info CHK has released.

Check this out
They have many good resources on both CHK and HK websites.
have all the classmates sign up to this site...wait, maybe that's not a good idea with Dorcheated prowling about.
whatever she does make sure it explodes, i always liked that.
That may not make it past homeland security these days.
Reminds me of the time I stuck my pocket knife in the electrical outlet in Earth Sciences class as a freshman in high school. Caused a heck of a commotion. Got me in a lot of trouble. And it screwed up a real good pocketknife. I never was too bright.


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