We had a couple of wells in desoto parish. Red River basin HA RA SUHH;YAR36&25-12-13 and HA RA SUHH;YAR36&25&24-12-13HC
That were drilled and then both got tagged with Scout Code 31. I haven’t been able to find any good definition (other than SONRIS’s basic) or description as to what that typically means. Any help is appreciated in a better description or example. Also Is there any hope these would open up some day?
Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving

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A well is a Code 01 as a live permit and while drilling.  After a well has been drilled to Total Depth (TD) and cased the operator can change the status to Code 31 which is Shut In-Future Utility.  When a well is in this phase, we used to call it Waiting On Completion (WOC) which is less confusing.  When you find a new well that is Code 31 on SONRIS, scroll to the bottom of the well file and see if there has been a work order issued for the frack.  That work order is good for a year but the completion ops usually begin fairly soon after the effective date.  If you run across an older well, especially a horizontal HA well, that is Code 31 look to see if there are new wells in that or an adjacent unit that are being fracked.  Operators more often than not shut in producing HA wells in close proximity to other HA wells to be fracked in order to protect the older wells from frack hits.  Operators try to avoid "communication" between wells in the process of being fracked.  A frack hit can negatively impact the production of the older wells.  At times of low natural gas prices, like now, operators may chose to delay completion operations where possible.  HA wells are "front loaded" meaning they come on like gang busters but then the production declines pretty rapidly.  A typical well might produce 80% of its life time volume in the first 24 months.  Obviously operators prefer for that first 24 months to not fall in a period of depressed prices.  Your wells will definitely be completed and turned to sales at some time in the future.  You might want to check to see if they currently have a work order for the completion ops.

Thank you. That was very informative. Have a great holiday!


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