I have a small tract in sec 28 15n 16w.  2 new wells were completed in October. first one was serial #254109, RBF33&28&21-15-16HC and second one serial #254110, REDOAK28&21-15-16HC.  There was no revenue for these on my February statement.  Curious to know if anyone was receiving revenue from either of these.  Thanks in advance. R

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Too early to be looking for royalty.  It usually takes about six months but I've seen it take longer.  I would expect to get a first payment in April or May.

Thanks Skip.

You're welcome, Ronny.  I'll take this opportunity to remind you and the members that the first checks for new wells are the largest most mineral lessors will receive.  First, that check is for multiple months of production.  And secondly, those are almost always the highest producing months in the life of a well.  Both of those are increased when you have multiple wells which should go into pay at the same time.  For Louisiana Haynesville wells, severance tax will be deducted from your first checks but will be reimbursed to you at a later date after the operator has submitted the well report to the state for the first 24 months of production or until well payout which ever comes first.  Good luck.


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