Noticed that I haven't heard the noise of the rig for a few days and discovered that the rig is gone. There seems to be only one well-head instead of 2 ( one for Sec 6, another for Sec 1). I have read about the companies drilling just to keep the lease. Just wondering if anyone knows of this happening in our area.

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I also noticed that the rig was gone. It is possible that the rig was only drilling the vertical leg of the well and another rig will be moved it to drill the horizontal part. Questar did this on the well on US Hwy. 371, J Woodard 34-15-9 H, Serial#241203. If I hear anything else I'll let you know. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Thanks Lorea- We had a nice Thanksgiving and hope the same for you. My husband went by the well site and said it appears to be plugged. Very disappointing if it is so. I am going to make some calls to see if I can find out.
Hi Fred- Still don't really know anything for sure but I went by the site today and saw a round black topped area had been made since yesterday. So evidently they aren't finished yet.
Not black top but plastic. Today some pipe was brought in and a gate put at the entrance. So I guess we are still in business!
On my way to Minden Saturday afternoon, they were assembling the rig. On the way home, they had stood up the rig. So I guess this rig will be drilling the horizontal portion of the well. Good luck!
Does anyone have any new information on the well in Section 6? Just wondering how long before there is a completion date. Seems like they have been there a long time.
 Looking at information on Sonris, it looks like they are still drilling the horizontal for Sec. 1. All that has been drilled for the Sec. 6 well is the casing. Looks like it may be some time before Sec. 6 is completed.
Does anyone have any new information on this well site?
They started running the water lines last week.  This means that they should start fracing the well within the next week or so.  I peeked in Sonris and Questar drilled into Sect. 6 -T15N-R8W (Serial #241453) and into Sect. 1 - T15N-R9W (Serial#241438).  Both state that they are waiting on completion.  Hope this is good news for you. 
Is the well in Section 6 completed?  I think it was started over 6 months ago. Nothing new on Sonris.
They are getting ready to frac! Real busy over there right now.
Thanks Deborah. Do you know anything about the well that is down the road on Section 12?


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