Seismic testing to be conducted in Hessmer, Evergreen, Bunkie

Seismic testing to be conducted in Hessmer, Evergreen, Bunkie


Field crews are currently surveying properties in the testing zone. The sensor nodes will be deployed next month.

The process is expected to be finished by May or June 2020.

For more information, contact CGG’s local office in Marksville at 451-9413.

The announcement reawakens hopes that the interest in oil and gas exploration in Avoyelles Parish may regain steam.

After some excitement with wells in the Austin Chalk formation a few years ago, activity has waned this past year.

Problems with the substructure holding the reserves, which makes it more expensive to extract through “fracking,” and low oil prices combined to dampen the zeal for oil exploration in the area.

However, there are still reports indicating substantial oil reserves to be tapped.

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They have also been in my area of Camp Claiborne.   Here is a copy of the map showing area of scope.   Also SaExplorarion is involved & they have an office in Oakdale, LA.


Lisa - thanks for the map. What is the source of the map? What website did it come from? Thanks....

Lisa i think the 3D shoot was significantly reduced since that map was introduced back in 2018 from 1766 sq miles to 587 sq.mi.   Our acreage leased was in that initial map but we are no longe in the reduced/revised area of shoot.  Our interest is Millers Lake in evageline parish just northwest of Ville Platte.  I think the southern border of the shoot is north of us around Turkey Creek.  I am searching my records for the revised map,  will post if i locate.  HC

CGG and Fairfield GeotechnologyMap showing location of the Bayou Boeuf survey.
 Download the full size image.


You can locate this map on CGG website , search for Louisiana survey. It was posted June 6, 2019,  Hope this helps anyone interested. HC

Thank you for posting.  Maybe if the results are good, the survey will revert to the original.  

Pretty sure that future well results will dictate if additional 3D is acquired in this area

I'm just west of original box in T2N R3W section 26 & 35.  Not sure if west side changed any.  Hard to see where boundaries land in this map.  But I am in a BLM unit but unleased.

I notice in this news article that the furthest north point that is cited for the survey is Lecompte.  I wonder if it will  include the LSUA cutoff road -the road from LSUA to Hwy 1 (Hwy 3170)  That road is included in the map listed by Lisa Melder/the map on the DOC website.  The road is the furthest north point on the DOC map; however it is north of Lecompte.  


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