These people have been contacting landowners in North S. Landry and Southern Avoyelles Parishes.  Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

Kyle Hubbard

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You're welcome, Madman.  I do think either you or Kyle should take the additional step of posting this topic in the Avoyelles and St. Landry parish groups in order to alert those members and possibly get some feedback from those who may have been approached by Sentry.

I spoke with an agent working on behalf of Sentry.  Offering $150 per acre for a 3 year term and 1/5 royalty.  I believe these are the same terms offered me by Anadarko back in 2011. 

I was told they are calling landowners that should no longer be under lease with another entity.  I did receive a very small payment from Anadarko last year, less than $100, so I am not sure if I actually qualify at this point.  The Dominique 27 has been shut in for almost 5 years, so I need to determine what that payment last year was for.  If a royalty, I may not be able to lease again at this time. 

Will keep all posted.

I'm unsure what the 2015 payment was for but I can tell you that the AUS C RB SUA;DOMINIQUE 27 S/N 243229 was plugged and abandoned by Anadarko on or about July 16, 2015.  I suggest that you speak with the Sentry landman and see if you need to have a release filed in the public record.  That's always a good idea but may be unnecessary if you execute a lease with Sentry.  If you do not, for whatever reason, I suggest that you send a letter requesting Anadarko record a release in the public record so there is no doubt as to the status of your minerals for future considerations.

Thank you Skip.  Yes, I did as you suggested and asked about the release.  Their agent is to review further and call me with his findings.

The last payment made to me was in September 2015 for approximately $29.  I also called Anadarko and am waiting for a return call.  

Will alert all here once I hear anything further.  Thank you again.

Per Anadarko, the well was plugged and abandoned on 7/14/16. Although a small royalty was paid to me after that date, I am no longer bound by the original agreement.

According to the Sentry agent, they are working to lease approximately 60,000 acres. This is a much smaller area than leased by APC in 2011.

Good luck to you and to Anadarko.

Wow, that's a pretty sizeable lease position. I wonder what they are up to? FYI I believe that the APC well was plugged back in June 2015.


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