I have recently been appointed managing trustee of my family's estate that consists of 160 acres in the Ann Gray survey in Shelby County.  I am attempting to become knowledgeable about our royalty income and the prospective success of the Haynesville development so I have found this site very informative.  I have read what thought to be most relevant and have multiple questions for discussion but am having difficulty getting a copy of a lease which I have been told expired several years ago.  I have been to the Shelby County web site and phoned them directly to no avail.  It is my understanding that the lease was executed around 2000-2002 with Cabot Oil but cross-referencing with the survey and the various possible estate and personal names has turned up nothing.  I have read about bonuses, percentage royalties, filing of the release etc. but first must determine that status is clear.  There has been no activity on the property other than the geophysical survey just finished.  I would sincerely appreciate some guidance.


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Thanks Marg for info about Texas Unclaimed Property. We continue to review legal documents so we have a COMPLETE grasp of everything that has happened in the last 107 years. It is rather interesting! I assume you rec'd my comments about Papaw (Edd Burgess) teaching at Fellowship Church. So is must be the same person. The house still stands and will probably stand another 50 years (it is built so well). We love visiting and keeping it in order. There have been quite a few of us involved in working on it. Even trying to rebuild the rose garden but need more rain for it to be successful!!


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