Shell Links Lower Carbon Footprint to Executive Pay 

Neanda Salvaterra, WSJ

Royal Dutch Shell PLC plans to set short-term goals to help the firm reduce the net carbon footprint of its energy products with performance targets linked to executive pay, reports Oliver Griffin.

The oil-and-gas company said it will set a target each year for the following three- or five-year period, starting in 2020. The program will run until 2050, the company said.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Jamaica and France urged the private sector to step up its efforts to combat climate change in an opinion piece for the Journal.

“The private sector must be prepared to get in the front seat with world governments to avert a climate crash. In September 2019, major government and corporate leaders will convene for another U.N.-sponsored climate conference in New York. Let’s seize this opportunity to help land planet Earth safely,” write Prime Minister Andrew Holness of Jamaica and France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

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