Signed lease for a fifth of royalty and 300 and acre in Claiborne Parish

Signed lease in Claiborne Parish for a fifth royalty 20%and 300 an acre grenadier energy good luck and go Grenadier! And a toast" here's to success"!!!

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Thanks, Eric.  It would help to know your location by section-township-range if you'd care to share it.

I noticed On my past post I made a typo,but actual lease was for 20% 300$acre in section 26 ...

Section 26 in what township and range?

Section26,Township21,range6 ... I'm excited and pleased with the offer this is going to be a great adventure

Thanks, Eric.  I hope it is a successful adventure.  I'm just ready to see Grenadier form some units and/or permit some wells.  They can not sit on their Whiting leases for long unless they plan to exercise extension options.  Their clock is ticking.

Yep it's A great solid offer for the area(via attorney).I know my family's appriciated the signing bonus..I'm sure other families in the area would like to take advantage of a great opportunity as well..
I received a letter today thatGrenadier has been assigned our Whiting leases in Webster Parish

Thanks for the information, Cynthia.  Grenadier Partners II acquired 60,000 acres from Whiting in Webster and Claiborne parishes.

Is that good Skip?

Cynthia, it beats no company being interested in Whiting's N LA leasehold.  How good it may be depends on what they do with it.  I'd like to see them form some drilling units and/or permit some wells.

They have done right by us.. They have honored their commitments. I'm with you Skipp it will be nice to see some drilling units/permits ... Great Job Grenadier!



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