Just a public "thank you" to Skip Peel, who's been so educationally helpful to this board. I've learned a great deal from him. And no, he did not ask me to write this nor do we have any business arrangement. I simply appreciate all the straightforward knowledge I can get as the up-and-down cycle of NG prices and leasing over the past year has been quite a learning curve. Best to all, MB

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It just occurred to me that most people never get to hear such nice things said about them. Lucky guy!
Wow Skip, you are a superstar, Fans and all.

But I have known that - You are a great guy and I have always appreciated your knowledge and friendship and am happy so many people feel the same way. Have not been on the site in a while, just been busy working and not on the computer recreationally - woke up to check my e-mail in the middle of the nite and ended up here - I have to to catch up on my reading on your info - hopefully this weekend. Glad I met you through the GHS site.

Still waiting for that lunch call!!!
My papaw always said "If you brag on a good man, you will ruin him", but I'm willing to take that chance. Thanks Skip, for efforts. cjf.


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