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Jay: Let me give it some thought. I'm unsure what third place is worth for April '09. Particularly if I drill down and find that a substantial number of your township's units have a vertical in the middle of them. LOL! Oops. Sorry.
I have land down there sec 20 township16n range15w can u tell if anything is going on there with it???
Kenya. It's a very good place to "have land". Congratulations. In Township 16N - 15W, Sections 1-3, 6-8,11,14,16-22,26,28-31 have unit orders or applications to Chesapeake. Fossil has unitized Sections 34-36. A number of Chesapeake's early HA wells are in this township. And although those early HA wells were modest, each successive well has been a little more productive. Demonstrating the progression of completion design, ie. longer laterals, more frac stages, etc.
thank u is there away to check production or get a well #
Kenya. The SONRIS database will give you the information you need. Use the link below. Click on "SONRIS LIte" in the left column and then on "Wells By Section, Township and Range".
The well in sec 20 16n 15w is#238575 completed 2/20/09 initial test 6866MCFD. Production for 02/01/09 was78630MCF. The well in the section south of you sec.29 has been producing since 2006 .The second well in sec.29 is one of the first horizontal wells in the area, and has been producing for over a year.
is that good?new to this will there be good money with yhis well?
danny. For the location and the lateral length, the IP seems short of expectations. Kenya, It's a decent well. We have become jaded as a 7 to 9 million cubic foot a day well used to be considered a very good well. Now with some HS horizontal wells coming in at three times that amount, 7 to 9 appears to be a little below average.
can u tell me more trying to get a understanding of all this?
Kenya. You can use the SONRIS database link i provided previously ( to get the information on this well and the others in your section. The well file for your well serial #238575 that danny and I are posting about will tell you the production information. You can take that production information and figure your portion based on your acres and royalty interest. Or just go on-line and plug the values into a royalty calculator and get an approximation of your royalty income.
they also say they are going back and put a second one in would that make a difference got papers on that a few days ago?
Kenya. Based on 80 acre spacing, Chesapeake can probably qualify to drill 8 total HS wells in your section. As they learn a little with each one they drill, the later wells should have some improvement in their production. You receive royalty payments for every well in the drilling unit you participate in.



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