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I was tempted to change 12N - 8W to 11 units and to add 11N - 8W to the Snapshot Map however those additions will have to wait until Encana's application hits the public hearing schedule. Development activity seems to be ramping up in the southern reaches of the Play. Encana permitted three HA wells in one 7 day period. All in SWEPI units, Sabine Parish. Grogan, Pleasant Hill and Bayou San Miguel fields.
skip i think township 11n r11w is the only township in desoto parish that doesnt have a haynesville in it . i think the permits that sampson and shell applied last year and earlier this year have probably expired. however shell has applied for a unit in brushy bayou field sec 19 of 11-11.
The Snapshot map depicts the number of HA Drilling & Production Units in each township. D/P units have no term and therefore no expiration date. Are you referring to HA well permits?
yes. i cant find a haynesville well permitted in 11-11
Neither could I. You're right.
Do you have any information on 22-16N-14W? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Gatorguy. Do you have a township/section grid? I suggest that you and all the members who wish to track activity keep one updated with the posts here on the site. The operators active in a township and their unit orders by section can reveal important information for unleased land/mineral owners. In 16N - 14W, the following sections are under unit order or application: Camterra - S25-27, 33-36, Chesapeake - S7, 16-20, 24, 29-31 and Petrohawk S21.

When you plot this on a grid, you get an Ah-Ha moment. This is tic-tac-toe for high rolling, risk takers. As the HS is quite contiguous in nature, energy companies attempt to build contiguous blocks. Squares, rectangles, rows and columns. This makes development (roads, pad sites, pipelines, etc.) less costly and more efficient. Since the numbering of sections in a township grid are serpentine, it doesn't always make sense until you look at a grid.

So here's what I notice immediately, Chesapeake is active in the western sections of the township from section 7 to 31 north to south and 18 to 16 east to west. Camterra has built a seven section rectangle with a leg running east and west in the southeast sections of the township. In fact your section and one other are right between the two. That other section, 21, is Petohawk. In a game of tic-tac-toe, an important strategy is to block your opponent from securing sequential squares. If Petrohawk wants to stay in the game in 16N -14W, it is quite possible that they will need Section 22. And even if they have decided not to invest their development capital in your section, Petrohawk and you have Chesapeake blocked from linking their existing section block to their lone eastern block, Section 24. Now this is obviously an over simplification. Chesapeake may have units in the adjoining sections in 16N -13W that they can connect to. But I trust you get my point. Good Luck. PS. I hope everyone knows by now not to lease to Camterra. LOL!

BINGO!!!!! Is my prize a donut? :0)
sesport. Its tic-tac-toe! Not Bingo! Sorry, no donut for you. Besides, unless you are playing a type of Bingo that I am unfamiliar with, you need one more square. LOL!
Skip - Thank you for the information. I have been watching the SONORIS website and was curious why our section was not formed but everyone around us was. I really appreciate the information. Your explanation was very concise.

If you hear anything about our section in the future please let us know. Take care.
Skip - Also, in 16N, 14W the majority of section 10 is already leased to Chesapeake, although I can find no application yet on SONRIS (but it may have gotten past me). At the very least, when the time comes, that should be Chesapeake's unit as it is the section NE of S16.


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