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Sorry Skip, I did put section, but it is section 29, 32, and 33. Guess I got excited. Anyway the operator is J-W Operating.
By the way Skip, this does mean we get a pink block next month. Yea...
You bettcha, landowner. Congratulations, you are now officially a participant in the Haynesville Shale Play. And it is quite possible that two or three future generations of your family will recall how they came to benefit from what we live and witness to in these days. Good Luck, Skip.

PS. Thanks for the link.
Skip, Who gets application letters? Is it everyone in the whole township or just landowners that are within a certain distance of the section that the application is applied for?
Hey, when they going to get up to Vivian? No pink in that area? I think i am just going to list my home and 14 acres and put it up for bid--the whole thing. I am tired of this whole shale thing.....what you think?
No shale up your way Ginger, sorry to say it but those just appear to be the facts.
landowner. Notice letters go to an "interested Party" list compiled by the company as a required part of their unit application. Some do a better job than others. Ha! The list is supposed to include all land/mineral owners in the unit and those outside the unit who are within 1000' of the unit boundaries.


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