I own a partial interest in Section 17-15N-14W

In the past few weeks I have received several solicitations from companies interested in buying my mineral rights. Is something happening down there? New production coming on line, perhaps? Sonris Lite doesn't seem to show any change in status.

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I got a letter also.  The guy was not too reliable about answering the phone or returning emails.  I gave up on him.

DeSoto is a popular place to send offer letters to purchase mineral rights.  Has been for almost ten years now.   If a buyer is serious, they will quote you a per acre price.  If not, they are simply fishing for "interested sellers" so they can see how cheaply they might be able to buy your minerals.  Most buyers undervalue the new development patterns and wish to buy minerals based on a single well.  Haynesville operators rarely drill a single well anymore.  They drill multi-well groups.  So if a buyer can acquire acreage based on a single well valuation and then get 2 or 4 or 6 new wells in the next 12 to 18 months, they will have hit the jackpot.

Thank you, Skip.

You're welcome, Karen.

I'm just reading this, but thanks for the information. I get calls every month and my royalty payments are almost down to nothing, especially after the operators deduct all of the taxes and fees. It made be wonder why are buyers still calling and sending letters to purchase my mineral rights.

Because the offers are not based on current production/royalty payment.  The offers are based on an investor's perception of the time table for new wells.

I have yet to find offers to purchase mineral rights that were what I consider "fair market".  And I keep up with offers pretty closely.  That's just one of the advantages have having 700+ GHS "friends".

We are in Sec 27-13N-14W (outskirts of Grand Cane).  5 new wells brought online by Indigo at the end of March. 1 additional refrac being completed currently.


Is anything by way of refract going on in Sec 19-14-14 in Kickapoo? I am seeing and hearing a lots of noise and truck traffic. Some seem to think its Sec 19-14-14

Nothing in S19.  There is however frac operations currently being conducted on 4 GEP Haynesville wells in Section 25 - 14N-15W, the section adjoining S19 to the immediate SW.  That would be the noise and truck traffic.

Thanks Skip

You're welcome, James.


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